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The Order Process

All Laptop Backpacks are made to order, shipped to packer where the high school or college classroom supplies are packed in the backpacks. It will take 45 days or less to receive your order.

What is in the college backpacks

Every laptop backpack includes (4) College Note Books, (4) Binders, (1) Scientific Calculator, (2) USB Cables, (1) Headphones, (3) Composition Note BooksWe offer * Continued scholarship search for all four years of college. * Assist parents with taxed information on tuition-deduction-enrollment fees-course and materials. * Offer dorm room products, which include a month supply of breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages, plus personal items.The items are drop-shipped to students dorm or living space each month at discount pricing.

Ultimate Laptop Backpacks

Our backpacks are unique! Choose from an Anti-Thefts, USB Powered, Solar Powered, Anti-Tear, Water-Resistant and mult combinations.

Time is of the essence

Deadlines: Classes starting in August. Order by June 16th, 2017. Classes starting in September. Order by June 25th, 2017.

What is in the High School Backpacks?

3) 5 Subject Note Book, (3) Binders, Scientific Calculator, (2) USB Cables, Headphone, (3) Composition Note Books * Providing information and resources to locate scholarships -11th Grade - College Graduation. * Assist students by providing info to successfully submit their college applications. * Assist student's parents with taxed college tuition deduction information on tuition-enrollment fees and course materials. * Assist students with information on ACT-SAT's and Help students with information on college campus's with resources from college talk * What classroom supplies are included in each College Backpack?

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It's For Collegiates is dedicated students in their academic careers. We assist students that attend all U.S. Academic Institutions by providing services, products and resources. 

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